I perform a limited number of weddings.  I am able to perform weddings in English, Spanish, or both.  I do not perform weddings on weekends or evenings, or in locations other than the courthouse.  I schedule a small number of weddings on my calendar; also, I will sometimes perform weddings on short notice if trials scheduled on my calendar go off.  I do not charge anything to perform weddings, but there is a fee of $105 charged by the judicial department.  Please contact my staff at 503-584-7713 to schedule a wedding or see if I am available for a short-notice wedding.  Also, please note that although I am able to perform Spanish ceremonies, my staff does not speak Spanish, so Spanish speakers will need to call with the assistance of an English speaker.

Subject to availability and payment of required fees, I am pleased to perform a wedding ceremony for any couple with a valid marriage license, including same sex couples.  Marriage licenses are issued by the office of the County Clerk, not the court.