I am located in Courtroom 1B in the first floor of the Marion County Courthouse. My chambers are room 1440. The entrance to the courthouse is at 100 High St. NE. Map.

PO Box 12869
Salem OR 97309
Phone: 503-584-7713

Fax: we are currently not able to receive faxes.

Email information


Judges are not permitted to receive ex parte communication — that is to say, any communication about a case that is not communicated to all other parties in the case.

Therefore I cannot accept most phone calls (the exception would be a conference call with all parties or their attorneys; this needs to be scheduled with my judicial assistant). Any correspondence (hard copy, fax or email) regarding a pending case must be copied to every other participant in the case. If my staff cannot tell from the document that this was done, I will not see the document. In addition, correspondence goes into the court file, which is a public record available for inspection by anyone unless it has been sealed. In short, do not send the court anything unless you are willing to have all other parties to the case, and the public at large, see it.

Please also note that a letter, fax, or email will not protect your legal rights. Generally speaking a legally proper motion, pleading, or response is required to protect your legal rights or for the court to take action you may be requesting (IE, enter an order you are requesting). Many of these require filing fees. Neither I nor my staff is permitted to give anyone legal advice. Consult an attorney if you need advice on protecting your legal rights. Motions, pleadings etc. cannot be filed by fax or email. If you are an attorney, you must efile through Odyssey. If you are not an attorney, you may file paper documents with the appropriate filing fee with the accounting department. If no filing fee is required you may file directly with my chambers.